The first dual compound mousse, created by Andreani Group!

The Andreani SuperMousse is born to optimize the tubeless tire function by saving the rim from impacts, providing additional damping, reducing vibration to your hands, run flat and keeping the bead on the rim. The SuperMousse is composed of two different compounds: an external red hyperelastic part to ensure stronger grip and ride comfort and an internal black harder part which helps to absorb and dampen impacts and helps eliminate pinch flats. The SuperMousse Pac-1 is available in two sizes to choose from, depending on the tire used.

The SuperMousse comes in two different sizes. Sizes:

– M (for Trail Bike, Enduro and DH)

– L (2.6 and larger tire sizes)

Each of these sizes cover multiple wheel diameters. 

Its main features are:

  • Dual compound Mousse;
  • External hyperelastic part to ensure stronger grip and ride comfort;
  • Internal hard part to prevent the bead from loosening and save the rim;
  • It works with any tubeless valve;
  • Each bag contains 1 mousse for 1 tyre;
  • Compatible with 29″, 27.5″ and 26″ wheels;
  • Included in the SuperMousse packaging: a Pac-1 sticker and zip tie.
  • For more info please contact us


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