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Öhlins racing

In 1976, Öhlins Racing AB embarked on a journey as a motocross racing suspension company, igniting a passion for motorcycle performance that still fuels their endeavors today. Remaining true to their roots, Öhlins continues to be a leading force in the realm of racing suspension, with a legacy that spans over four decades.

Their commitment to racing excellence extends beyond motocross, now enhancing the ride and performance of motorcycles across diverse categories. Whether riders are navigating rugged terrains on an adventure bike, tearing through off-road trails, pushing the limits on hypersport machines, or dominating the track with precision track bikes, Öhlins suspension is there, optimizing the experience.

From the grueling challenges of the Baja 1000 to the high-stakes environment of the MotoGP paddock, every Öhlins product designed for the aftermarket reflects their unwavering dedication to racing prowess. It’s this commitment that ensures that whether riders are investing in a shock for their Harley Davidson or outfitting their Grom with top-notch suspension, they’ll feel the impact of Öhlins’ 40-plus years of racing heritage in every product.

At Öhlins Racing AB, they don’t just create suspension components; they craft a legacy of performance. Join them on a journey where every twist of the throttle echoes the spirit of racing excellence that defines Öhlins – a passion that elevates the motorcycle experience to unparalleled heights.


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