Discover Öhlins MTB: Where Experience Meets Thrill

Öhlins may be new to the mountain bike scene, but their experience in various domains sets them apart. With a focus on delivering top-notch performance, Öhlins brings a wealth of expertise to create MTB units that promise the ultimate riding experience.

Known for pushing boundaries, Öhlins integrates innovative technologies into their mountain bike products, ensuring both reliability and durability. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a beginner, Öhlins’ commitment to providing an enhanced experience shines through.

Explore the world of Öhlins Mountain Biking and redefine what’s possible on the trails. With Öhlins, each ride becomes a thrilling adventure where simplicity meets excellence.

Air shocks

A combination of a very light shock absorber, providing maximum control and stability on your mountain bike, has to be the dream for every rider?! Then don’t miss the latest MTB dampers from Öhlins. They impress with their low weight and provide incredible traction- regardless the surface. Whether you ride downhill, Enduro or simply hit the trails for fun, once you’ve experienced the Öhlins difference you’ll agree it was your best ever upgrade!

Coil shocks

Ever since the launch of the Öhlins TTX 22 M, this shock absorber has created a buzz within the bike industry. Riders have praised the shock from the moment it was released. Now available in metric length and as a trunnion mount, the coil shock absorber was designed to handle the most challenging descents! Crucially it still provides pedaling efficiency for flat and uphill sections. Let yourself be inspired by its performance!


öhlins springs

Öhlins MTB Springs: Small Item, Big Impact

In the world of mountain biking, Öhlins MTB springs prove that even small items can make a significant impact. To unlock the optimal performance of your mountain bike, exploring our equipment is a must. Our online shop offers a diverse range of spring series, catering to various forks. With different spring rates, these applications can be finely tuned to match the preferences of every rider.

Experience the difference for yourself—test it out and elevate your mountain biking adventure with Öhlins MTB springs. Because when it comes to enhancing your ride, even the smallest items can make a world of difference.

Öhlins MTB Forks

Unleashing Top-Notch Performance

Öhlins, a seasoned player in the MTB arena, introduces a range of high-quality forks tailored for Trail, Enduro, and Downhill enthusiasts. With roots in racing expertise, Öhlins ensures these forks deliver exceptional performance, aiming to elevate the joy of riding to the maximum.

Key Offerings:

Air Spring Shock: Featuring three air chambers and two pistons, the air spring shock provides extensive setup options. TTX 18 forks, equipped with Öhlins TTX technology, guarantee excellent setting choices. Öhlins forks are E-Bikes compatible, catering to modern riding needs.

M.2 Forks: The M.2 fork is a delight for ambitious MTB riders, offering exceptional performance for Trail to Enduro lovers. With options in air or coil versions and a spring cartridge system for seamless switching between coil and air springs, the M.2 fork allows riders to tailor the entire travel with the Total Tune Spring Curve System (TTSC).

DH38 M.1 Forks: Developed in collaboration with the Specialized Gravity Team, the DH38 M.1 Fork guarantees the ultimate competition feeling. With four World Championships and an Overall World Cup victory, these robust and powerful forks are ideal for Free Riding, DH Racing, or daring stunts.

RXF38 m.2: The RXF38 m.2, Öhlins’ updated single-crown sibling of the DH38 platform, boasts a compact and lightweight design optimized for long-travel bikes. With versatile suitability for gravity bikes and eMTBs, it offers a stiff chassis for precise line choices on demanding trails. The air spring and TTX18 damper ensure optimal ground contact, delivering a comfortable and controlled ride with a wide range of adjustment options.

Trust in Öhlins’ renowned quality for a winning performance. The DH38 M.1 fork earned the Pinkbike Suspension Product of the Year award in 2020, underlining the excellence Öhlins forks bring to every mountain biking adventure. Elevate your ride with Öhlins – where performance meets passion.


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