Evolution of Excellence: The Misano Cartridge by Andreani

The Misano Cartridge stands as one of Andreani’s initial triumphs in the suspension market. The journey began in 2004 with the introduction of the “Andreani cartridge,” designed for riders seeking adjustable features for their standard motorcycle front forks. At that time, the aftermarket solutions for this niche were not as abundant as they are today.

The product evolved swiftly, leading to the creation of the “Andreani Factory Cartridge” Race version by the end of 2007. This version offered both open and closed cartridge systems, catering to the diverse needs of riders. Andreani’s support for teams across Europe and in the WSBK resulted in numerous victories, with highlights including Kenan Sofuoglu’s triumph in the 2010 WSS and Joe Roberts securing the Superstock600 championship in MOTOAMERICA in 2015. The product’s production concluded with a bang, marking an exhilarating chapter.

In 2019, the New Misano series was introduced, paving the way for the latest MISANO EVO cartridges. These innovations are the culmination of relentless testing and development both on the road and the track. Andreani is committed to offering unparalleled customer support, whether you’re a globetrotter, a dedicated track enthusiast, or a daily commuter.

Regardless of your riding style, there’s a Misano setup tailored just for you. Trust in the evolution of excellence with Andreani.

"misano evo" features

Introducing the cutting-edge Misano Evo cartridges, Andreani’s latest innovation in suspension technology. These cartridges represent the pinnacle of design, featuring a meticulously redesigned 20mm hydraulic piston equipped with larger oil ports and a dedicated shims stack tailored for individual applications.

The heart of the system lies in the piston, seamlessly propelled through the black hard-anodized cartridge tube by a DLC-coated piston rod, ensuring durability and resilience in any riding condition.

Our commitment to customization is evident in every kit. Experience the freedom of adjusting the hydraulic compression and rebound settings, coupled with the convenience of tweaking the spring preload to match your preferences.

Personalization extends to the core of the Misano Evo cartridges, with each kit being meticulously crafted to include a spring rate calibrated to your specific weight and riding conditions.

At Andreani USA, we prioritize your experience. We are delighted to provide all the necessary tools for a seamless installation, ensuring you can unleash the full potential of your ride effortlessly.

Elevate your suspension performance with the unparalleled technology of Misano Evo cartridges—where innovation meets customization for the ultimate riding experience.


Long Story short

Adjustable Compression and rebound

Adjustable Spring preload

Rider specific Spring rates

20mm. Hydraulic piston

Special DLC coated Piston Rod

Available for Sport, naked, classic cruisers, adventure bikes


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